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re-fraction: shadows/palimpsest 2

The summer of 2013, was a busy one for LONGLEASH. While preparing for our inaugural season, we presented concerts at The Center for New Music in San Francisco, and Opera America in New York. Central to both of these programs was our dear friend, Reiko Füting's refraction: shadows/palimpsest 2, a work which has been immensely gratifying to learn, perform, and most recently, record. Re-fraction: shadows/palimpsest 2 was inspired by the painting sequence, Shadows, by Andy Warhol. Originally conceived as a work for solo cello, re-fraction: shadows, layers the violin and piano parts for the third movement (palimpsest 2), as the cello is "interpreted, extended, and eventually abandoned." warhol_shadows

Shadows by Andy Warhol

Like all of Reiko's music, this piece is incredibly well crafted in both form and texture. Constructed symmetrically, the work is, in general, much "grittier" than many of Reiko's other works - as he told us, it is his version of "punk" music. The piece begins with a forceful declaration from the cello - a low D accented with extreme bow pressure. This opening gesture will build throughout the work as the strong, unbridled outbursts are elongated and ornamented by the two additional instruments. Accompanying these outbursts are moments of fragility and suspension that follow, as the energy is re-fracted upwards. Last week, LONGLEASH headed up to Ryan Streber's Oktaven Studios in Yonkers to record re-fraction: shadows (palimpsest 2). Check back soon for our recording!