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Retour an Dich

LONGLEASH had the honor of meeting and working with Beat Furrer on his piano trio, Retour an Dich, while he was in New York preparing his opera FAMA.  This was an important piece for the trio, as it was the first time that we had to use creative rehearsal techniques due to the cyclical nature of the piece (strings returning to the same material  at different times, while the piano responds sometimes to the violin, sometimes to cello, and sometimes to both) while also working to find a steady pulse in order to truly follow the different lengths of the fermati in our individual parts. Beat is kind and soft-spoken, yet his mind is constantly working.  During the workshop, what struck us most was his great attention to detail, and his care for each gesture so that nothing was left behind.  Every grace note and thirty-second note was there to build a framework, like a magic eye illusion, so that upon hearing the whole piece you understood how it all fit together. "I speak of shards of glass, shining like pearls on the river bottom which again and again awaken our longing, where we step down ever again to retrieve them, only to find that they are merely shards of glass when we see them on the surface." Furrer on Retour an Dich