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Light Traps

Thursday, July 16th, 7:30 PM

The Center for New Music (San Francisco, CA)

LONGLEASH’s Light Traps program is a musical display of the fascination, draw, and allure of light. The program is a collection of pieces evoking light in many forms and stages: blinding, refracted, dim, illusory. Light Traps draws on today’s vanguard of Austrian composers; Bay Area-based composer Ken Ueno; and New York-based composer Reiko Füting. Klaus Lang’s die fenster des universums (the windows of the universe) eternifies a murky, twilit stasis. Overtones develop and emerge in Haas’ Ins Licht (Into Light), brightening exponentially into a brief flash. In Beat Furrer’s own text accompanying Retour an Dich (Back to You) the glint of a watery mirage gives rise to cyclic patterns of curiosity and disillusionment. Reiko Füting’s re/fraction: shadows/palimpsest 2 draws dynamic inspiration from the Warhol series Shadows, while Ken Ueno’s Visible Reminder of Invisible Light evokes a paler, delicate luminosity.