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Adam McCartney’s “a way after the fox’s backbone” – 6/19

June 19, 2017 7:30 PM Scholes St. Studio. 375 Lorimer St. Longleash teams up with Irish composer Adam McCartney on a way after the fox’s backbone, a beautiful new work that explores the transmission of sound across gulfs of time and history. Inspired by the luminous painting technique and innovative composition of Flemish Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck, McCartney also draws on references to traditional Middle English poetry and folk song. This performance is the culmination of an artist residency at the Avaloch Farm Music Institute, a New England cultural gem in Boscawen, NH. In a post-performance conversation, the artists will discuss the influence of the rural New England environment on their residency work and answer questions about Avaloch and its unique role in the musical life of chamber ensembles in the American Northeast and beyond. This work is presented with support from Culture Ireland.